Action Sports PR – One Part of What We Do

Defining PR or action sports in general can be a daunting task, but we’re going to blog about it from time to time to help explain to the lay person (and our families) what we do all day.

One part of the BBPR service offering is PR for the action sports world.  While some people will consider this action sports marketing (we do consider them similar and often wrapped together into one program), we’ll define a little bit more about what we do here.

The core of our action sports PR practice is non-endemic media relations (   In essence, we help skate, surf and snow brands increase their exposure outside of the core skate, surf and ski or snowboard media.

Come again?

A major driver of the action sports industry (and a big part of their PR, you could say) is the endemic or core media.  Transworld Surf, Thrasher Magazine, Mountain Bike, etc., those would be considered by most to be endemic media, which are read by the core participants and drive a large percentage of awareness.

Non-endemics is a grey area.  For us, we work with everyone from the multi-sport Outside and Complex (both very different outlets) to Men’s Journal, XLR8R, Inked and Women’s Health.  Big range.  That doesn’t even include the online guys, who I won’t divulge because I’d rather our competitors not know who we’re hitting ;-).

Examples of what we may do for a client in the non-endemic action sports world could include range from securing product reviews, athlete interviews or brand overviews.  Our skill set goes beyond that though, from basic development of media kits to making sure your top pro-snowboarder doesn’t come off as a clown on CNN.  Not everyone wants these services, but since most of us have worked at major agencies that offered them in the past, we feel we should at least mention them to our clients in proposals.

For certain clients, we work with the endemics too.  It’s not beyond our skill set, rather those relationships tend to be in place before we’re brought on, so often there isn’t a need for us to handle.

We’re based in San Diego right now (with a satellite office outside Manhattan), not because of the action sports industry (many of our action sports PR clients are based in New England), but rather because I got sick of taking the subway in Manhattan.

More on our action sports capabilities (and other areas we excel, such as B2B, men’s grooming and the growing green marketing industry) down the line.  Or, check us out here:


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