Alcohol in action sports

A while back I was a Group Y panel discussion on action sports and marketing in the mainstream. There were people on the panel from a variety of companies, including someone from Toyota’s ad agency and Suzuki, in addition to Billabong.

I raised the question about alcohol in action sports sponsorship and when it’ll be come broader. Fosters already has played a major role in the ASP and others can’t be far behind (well, in my mind).

Overwhelmingly, the panel told me they’re against it because board riding and related activities skews towards the young. I didn’t have time to follow-up, but don’t baseball, football, etc., where banners and billboards broadcasting beer sponsors are far from rare?

The reason I’m beating this dead horse is a post I just read an interesting post on the 5ones site about Eric Koston (major force in street skating, for our readers who don’t follow the industry) being a part of a Bud Light commercial. Without even touching the debate about him supposedly selling out (ok, I’ll touch it…. this is far from a sellout), I’m bringing this up because Koston is over 21, a professional skateboarder and in an indirect way endorsing beer.

Now if this was Ryan Sheckler, I’d have an issue since he’s not 21. But in a world where mainstream media constantly cover c-level, under age celeb-u-stars hitting hot clubs without even mentioning they shouldn’t legally be allowed inside, I think Koston skating in a lime suit is far from an issue.


~ by doubleb on May 13, 2008.

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