Screening of “Deathbowl to Downtown” – Touching all Media

Just got back from helping MirrorBall promote “Deathbowl to Downtown” in NYC.  This project is very dear t my heart because so many overlook the East Coast’s contributions to action sports in general, especially skateboarding, but surfing and snowboarding as well.

Helping handle the media relations aspect of this film was a really meaty assignment.  From the endemic action sports media to online influencers to traditional mainstream sources, we worked with them all during the course of three weeks and on-site at the event.  That’s the big selling point of BBPR though, we can work with the suits and still hang at the skatepark.  Usually that doesn’t happen on the same day, but for us it’s not a big deal when it does.

It’s rare that you have to put a client in front of FuelTV one minute and Advertising Age the next, but that’s what made this event so much fun.  And the booze.  And the skate ramp they built at The Waterfront (aka The Tunnel).

Props to Stephanie for getting her inlaws to sit for little Joey that night so she could help staff.  One of the benefits of having her work remotely is that she can be available in NYC at a much lesser expense to clients than if I flew out another team member from San Diego.

Here’s the trailer for those that are interested:


~ by doubleb on May 14, 2008.

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