Has it been two years already?

A friend who started his own company recently and was a helpful part in getting BBPR off the ground asked me how long it’s been since BBPR officially launched.

Well, it’s been just over two years now and we’re pretty excited. Like any small business, we’ve had our ups and downs and of course, it’s been more work than anyone ever thought imaginable, but I’m loving it so far and the team we’re building is great.

Here’s the press release we issued on Malakye. It’s a little more of an aggressive stance than we take now and unfortunately, doesn’t highlight that our clients go beyond the action sports industry, but this is the right release (well, in my mind) for the people reading Malakye’s site.

Announcing The Launch of BBPR

Targeted Lifestyle Communications for the Action Sports Industry

San Diego, CA – May 2, 2006 – It is with great pleasure we announce the hard-launch of BBPR, a multi-faceted PR/events agency specializing in helping lifestyle brands compete against the marketing departments of larger competitors with deeper resources.

BBPR represents a new value proposition for lifestyle brands looking to expand their awareness beyond the core action sports media in a controlled manner. BBPR’s founder and chief strategist, Bill Byrne, brings to the table ten years of diverse client experience that ranges from industry leading snowboard brands and newer shred-based businesses, to blue chip corporations that are household names worldwide. Lifestyle brands that work with BBPR have the dual benefit of receiving the strategic service and execution that they would expect from a larger PR agency, along with the understanding of their brands core values derived from years of firsthand experience. Combined together, BBPR’s client history and industry passion helps it create targeted programs for its clients that step-up their mainstream exposure, without selling out their image or alienating their core audience.

“I originally launched BBPR as a consultancy at the end of 2005 to help a few lifestyle brands achieve the mainstream exposure that for the most part, was dominated by a handful of industry heavyweights with greater marketing resources,” stated Byrne. “What I discovered was that that not only do some action sports brands want increased exposure outside of their native media, but there is ample interest by the mainstream to cover companies that aren’t a part of huge corporate machines. By working on BBPR as my main priority, I can other help lifestyle brands compete for mainstream exposure on a national level”

BBPR utilizes its diverse client background to develop strategic plans that are on point with the goals of its clients. Moving beyond the straight “smile and dial” approach to PR, BBPR creates targeted lifestyle communications programs that encompass all aspects of consumer and trade media outreach, in conjunction with event marketing and promotions if it fits within a clients goals.

“Anyone can call an editor to pitch them on featuring a glove or hat in a magazine, that’s not strategic PR, that’s telemarketing,” continued Byrne. “When lifestyle brands work with BBPR, they see right away that our plans go beyond just making calls to reporters. We create programs that not only get coverage, but also educate non-core consumers and media about each client’s own unique position in the industry.”

Having managed public relations programs for a variety of action sports brands and mainstream companies, coupled with a personal interest in the lifestyles its clients personify, gives BBPR the ability to create programs that exceed its clients’ expectations while staying true to their core roots. While marketing principles and tactics can be learned in school… very few people learn how to drop-in through an MBA program.


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