No Sole Tech at ASR

Tiffany @ Shop-Eat-Surf was one of the few action sports industry sites to relay some info that Sole Tech, one of the largest footwear players in action sports, wasn’t coming to ASR in September.

Personally, I’m bummed because its always nice to see their PR guru Ashton, but I’m not shocked they pulled out.

ASR’s fall show is just a little too late for many buyers, so without orders actually being written, it’s hard to justify the expense, especially in tough times.  It’s a long standing joke that ASR is just a big bro-down, with good reason.  While many people in the industry attend ASR, even if they don’t have a booth (hi Runke) and some people do get actual work done (we try to schedule meetings with the limited media in attendance), the show definitely has a loose, party vibe to it.

From an action sports PR standpoint, it’s not really necessary our clients exhibit there, but it doesn’t hurt either.  Likewise, while orders may not be written that day, the show could get the ball rolling for the future.

I wonder if ASR could bump the show up a few weeks in the future?


~ by doubleb on June 3, 2008.

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