If it bleeds, it leads… unless the US Open is in town

Here’s a rant that has nothing at all to do with action sports PR!

We’ve got a pretty big media event happening June 21 (next Saturday).  Should be able to secure tons of broadcast and print coverage.  Unfortunately, the US Open, possibly one of the best US Open’s in recent years, is taking place.

Not a huge deal, but it throws a small kink into our plans.  The client wants media commitments today and the media are telling us wait until the open is over.  It’s an issue with handling broadcast media and one which happens time and time again.  Regardless of if you’re pitching a stop on the Dew Tour, some other action sports event, a flower show or charity car wash, news is a fluid thing and we need to be able to shift.

Par for the course ;-).


~ by doubleb on June 16, 2008.

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