Ryan Sheckler ESPN Cover

Since we’re in the heart of baseball season, Ryan’s cover story on ESPN Magazine is a pretty big coup for the skate world…. and people that like reality TV.

Overall, I think the article is pretty good.  Of course, as magazine’s do, they blow up parts of what he said to make it seem a little more inflammatory.  For instance, his line “I want to give them more reasons not to like me,” which was blown up on the cover was prefaced with “Every time somebody calls me out or tries to start something, it’s motivation. I want to give them more reasons not to like me,” which is something most professional athletes can relate to.

What I wish though was someone would help him at these photo shoots.  I know he has a big following with the ladies, but the over the shoulder look on the cover might not have helped him appeal to people that read ESPN Magazine.  Likewise, his photo in Rolling Stone previously just felt a little weird to me to.

Ryan is most likely going to continue to have an amazing career ahead of him.  I just hope his PR people guide him right as it continues.  A little more media training, maybe supervising his photo shoots, etc.  They could be doing that already for all we know… so if these shots are how they want him to appear, they nailed it.

Rolling Stone scan courtesy of Ollie Mag.


~ by doubleb on July 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Ryan Sheckler ESPN Cover”

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  3. Yeah, I agree. I like Ryan as a skater. He seems to be sympathetic. But i don’t know about the rolling stone picture. I guess Rolling Stone wanted to sell more copies of their mag…

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