Danny Kass Selling Beer

A while ago I was at a Group Y panel event and the topic came up (ok, I asked it) about alcohol sponsorship in action sports.  Most of the panelists said that they weren’t for it, despite Foster’s involvement in the ASP, because surfing, skateboarding, etc., skews too young.

I’d like to call bullshit.  Check out this great video I pulled from Jon over at SouthoftheNorth

Now I’m not saying that every kid that can switch lipslide a handrail should go call PBR and get an endorsement, but action sports athletes backing alcohol brands is inevitable in the US.  Look at other sports/activities… we have beer brands all over NASCAR cars and baseball stadiums.

It’s a little short sighted to think there won’t be booze making its way into action sports from a marketing standpoint, if not in terms of athlete sponsorship, then event sponsorship.  As the generations that made skating/surfing/snowboarding, etc., get older, we become a demographic that these guys want to target, just like the endemic brands.

Oh, and I give props to Budweiser for actually making a comercial that was semi-funny and worked for snowboarding.  Unlike some of those Jeep or Honda Element ads I’ve been seeing.  Dang.


~ by doubleb on August 28, 2008.

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