SNLC – Another Action Sports Marketing Firm

We’ve never claimed to be the first action sports marketing firm (and we have many clients outside of action sports too) or the best (but we’re darn good, especially at PR).  The fine folks at Malakye just shed light on one of the action sports PR/marketing world’s OG’s, SNL.

I’ve known about SNL for quite a while, stemming back to my illustrious days at Cohn & Wolfe in NYC when the Burton account moved on and I was wondering if there were other jobs dealing with snowboarding that didn’t require me leaving NYC or working in a shop (at the time, late 90’s, there weren’t).  I reached out to Staci (partner at SNL) and we became “e-friends” for lack of a better word.  She didn’t have an office in NYC at the time or a need, but she got back to me, which is a courtesy that often gets lost in the PR world.

SNL has a solid list of clients and really has broken some ground in the industry.  At BBPR, we owe them a lot for helping action sports brands realize that outside PR and marketing support isn’t really a dirty word.

Checkout the Malakye interview with Staci Levine here.  They photograph much better than Stephanie and I do at events, but if you want to see a candid shot of moi, check out a little thing I did with Tiffany of Shop-Eat-Surf.


~ by doubleb on September 8, 2008.

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