project BLUE on GMA Now

Through some strategic pitching, smart thinking and of course, really tenacious (but not overzealous) follow-up, we landed project BLUE on ABC’s Good Morning America Now.

Vipe Desai, founder of project BLUE (and brand consultancy Propaganda HQ) hit all the message points and we’re all pretty stoked on the segment.

When people ask BBPR about action sports marketing, surf PR, etc., sometimes they have a hard time grasping what it is we do.  Well, we do t action sports marketing, surf PR, etc.

Seriosly though, this represents a good example of some of our work.  We’re using our backgroud that came from working mainly with non-endemis to grow a brands awareness outside of action sports.  This goes beyond the straigh smaile and dial t-shirt placement (but of course, we also have a long history in securing product exposure/reviews in non-endemic magazines too… but that part of the job is easy ;-).

I’d like to give special thanks to a few people (outside of our partner brands – Billabong, DAKINE, Electric, Nixon, O’Neill and Reef) who helped to make this happen.

John Weber, Northeast Regional Manager for the Surfrider Foundation was a solid resource on the ground, getting his volunteers to give us the 411 on Rockaway Beach (Stephanie and other people I use for big projects are on the east coast, but NJ to Queens isn’t exactly a 30 minute drive).  Also, Surftech’s marketing manager, Sander Nauenberg, and regional rep Mark Neustadter (not to mention Allyance and Dragon rep as well), made sure we had boards to use.  Afterall, without boards, you can’t have a surf segment!


~ by doubleb on September 16, 2008.

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