Don’t just an outlet’s worth by its circulation

One of my favorite clients (ok, they’re all favorites), is Carlsbad based Maku Furnishings… and not because their owner has a mini-ramp in his backyard he lets me skate (but that is a major bonus).

Johnny (Maku’s owner) gets it.  He gets the big picture, but also the need to handle the details and how those details influence others.  He’s been down with BBPR handling online media relations since day 1, not to mention undertaking the Maku blog on his own time.  Johnny knows we have to hit people on multiple levels, not just what some consider the top tier high-profile media.

We recently had a hit in Home Accents Today, a trade book in the furniture/home industry.  Sure, it’s not the BestLife piece, but we know for a fact that because of it, people called and placed orders for the Maku Limited Edition Lounge Chair (they actually said they saw the piece when they called).  Lots of them actually.

Big media is great (Maku’s been everywhere from the Associated Press to Riviera San Diego), but remember not to ignore the trades and smaller pubs too…. they could pay off big for you.


~ by doubleb on September 23, 2008.

One Response to “Don’t just an outlet’s worth by its circulation”

  1. Sorry to all that couldn’t access the Maku page… the link I posted wasn’t working, but it should be up now. If not, just go to to check out some really solid (literally), eco-friendly, beautiful outdoor furniture.

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