Diesel Video Spreads the Virus

The folks at MediaBistro’s Agency Spy turned me onto this, but a few other people have hit me with it as well.  What I love and found interesting (about my friends sending it to me) is their asking if I can do it.

In another life, I worked at an agency where a new client (who had an MBA), wanted us to “make her site viral.”  never mind that we didn’t have the budget to re-design/build anything new for their site… she just wanted it “to go viral.”


Taking your product/video/campaign/pet racoon viral takes a mix of a lot of things… but basically it all boils down to having content people want to pass around.  Usually on the Internet, that’s porn or comedy.  Diesel hit it with both!

Will this approach (porn & comedy) work for Ford?  No, I don’t see them doing something this edgy.  Does that mean Ford can’t go viral?  Definitely not…. they just have to get creative and be willing to take chances and get creative more creative with their campaigns.


~ by doubleb on September 26, 2008.

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