Never a typical day in PR world….

Some friends (and colleagues… you know who you are ;-), think my days are filled with chatting up reporters about what’s new in snowboarding or the water quality issues plaguing surfers and the surf industry.  Well, I guess I’m partially to blame since that side of my business (action sports marketing, non-endemic marketing, extreme PR… whatever you want to call it) is a big part of what I do, but my skillset goes pretty far beyond that.

How far?

Here are some things I’ve worked on today:

  • QA’ed a new broadband channel I’m helping launch for a luxury goods company
  • Pitched the Today Show and CNN on a leading fertility expert
  • Continued working with a few choice reporters at major market daily newspapers on what’s new in portable power (batteries for those of you that don’t bleed alkaline and lithium)

That diversity may seem a little weird to those that come to me for help in the action sports world, but in y mind, it’s what helps me secure great coverage for action sports clients in the non-endemic media.  By seeing the media from different client perspectives helps me create better pitches and seek new avenues that I may never have found if I was just the battery guy, youth marketing guy or snowboard PR guy.

If you’re looking for more info on what I’m capable of, just check out the BBPR site!


~ by doubleb on September 30, 2008.

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