iObama – Obama Hits the iPhone

Pretty smart move by the Obama camp. Could this be the year youth is key?  I hope so.

For those unfamiliar with the world of SMS messaging, I’m not shocked that people received the Biden text 12 hours late.  If working for taught me anything (and it actually taught me a lot), I know the text messaging infrastructure is far from fool-proof and if you’re sending a mass text, there will be delays.

Obama Campaign Launches iPhone App

Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has launched an iPhone application that enables supporters to communicate with each other and consume breaking news, reports The New York Times.

Available for free on the App Store, it is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod touch. The unit organizes contacts by “key battleground states,” keeps you abreast of campaign news via text and email, and helps target local events (with maps and directions). Photos and videos will also be disseminated.

Over the summer Obama generated buzz by inviting users to enter their mobile numbers on his website. Those that did would be the first to learn who his Vice Presidential pick was. When the pick was finally made, many registrants had to wait up to 12 hours to receive the promised text, though few seemed ruffled.

“This was a really smart way for the campaign to get thousands, if not millions, of numbers. Texting is a huge new tool,” gushed Micah Sifry of TechPresident, who was among the last to get the message announcing Joe Biden for Democratic VP.

In contrast, Sen. John McCain has done no mobile marketing to promote his campaign for the Presidency. But this disparity may not hurt his efforts; recent statistics found mobile may be better for reaching Democrats than Republicans.


~ by doubleb on October 3, 2008.

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