Fake Marketing Buzzwords – The Three Amigos! Mistake

Maybe this isn’t trluly fake… I think I’m going to try to use this one if in my next speaking engagement.

Just left a little comment on Anastasia’s YPulse post about the supposed less than stellar performance of Lauren Conrad from “The Hills” clothing line.

If you’ve ever seen the “The Three Amigos!” you may remember the confusion they had about the word infamous… to paraphrase, it does not mean “more than famous.”

When you’re looking to align your brand with the next hot thing, it’d be helpful to take into account why they’re hot and how long they can maintain their hotness.  If “Laguna Beach” or whatever reality TV show LC is on next goes away, will she as a personality?

On the flip side, look at Bam Margera, who gained a lot of popularity through “Jackass,” but was pretty popular with the influential skateboard set before and still continues to work well for the right brands… mainly because he had something going for him long before MTV made “America’s Funnies Home Videos” on acid.


~ by doubleb on October 7, 2008.

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