Audi’s Meet the Beckers – A New Take on PC Versus Mac

A lot of my friends think my business has to do purely with action sports marketing, but that’s just the image they have (and I guess I cultivate, to some extent).  In reality though, I consult on a lot of projects, from eco-friendly initiatives  to helping one luxury brand venture into the broadband content space.  Because our clients are so diverse, I check out a range of media, from the action sports guys to general interest stuff to B2B sites.  Which brings me to my latest find from Audi.

I really think the new Audi “Meet the Beckers” online campaign is brilliant.  It’s basically the Mac vs. PC campaign Apple is doing, but with cars…

In the online marketing world, this hits it on two really great fronts.

1. It’s funny.  It really is.  So even though it’s a thinly veiled campaign for Audi, people are still emailing it around to their friends.  People that don’t drive BMW’s that is.

2. It indirectly, in a funny way (brands hoping to build great viral campaigns take note, comedy and porn work the best), takes on BMW, Lexus and Mercedes.  Indirectly, of course, but it still takes them on.

The Billy character, wearing the Blue Tooth headset and flipping off someone in a prius, has to be my favorite (despite sharing a name with me, I wish his name was Chuck or Tom) to the eccentric Commander and his trophy wife, the series is a caricature of new stereotypes in modern culture and borrows liberally from the comedies that line DVD shelves of 20 and 30 somethings.

Something interesting to me is that the site doesn’t have an official connection to Audi (that I can find) in and about section or anywhere else on the page.  I don’t think anyone will get upset or complain this is an attempt to dupe consumers (ala Sony’s “All I Want for Christmas…” PSP campaign a few years back), but not making an official connection is a move for an established auto brand heading into new territory.  And the sexual (and hysterical) innuendos are hysterical, but pretty risky in a world where there are protests outside Burton Snowboard’s headquarters for using implied nudity from edited Playboy pictorials on a few of their boards.

I wouldn’t be suprised if particular phrases from this campaign get passed around at parties the way people used to parody the Budweiser “Whaaaaaatttt’ssss Uuupppppp!!!!” comercials.

Nice work Audi, I’m a fan.


~ by doubleb on October 24, 2008.

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