Prop D Fails in San Diego – a few bad apples ruin the…. basket of apples

I usually don’t post local/non PR news, but I’m pretty bummed on this.

I hope the police are watching out for the woman on Cass street who has wine outside her store on Friday afternoons. Or the woman I see on the grass having picnics with wine when I surf Del Mar.

The police are probably not concerned about these people, because they’re not causing trouble.

Unfortunately, too many people abused the privilege of being able to drink on our San Diego beaches.

Maybe if we put restraints on earlier, such as banning kegs, ice luges, parties of 20 or more, etc., then I’d still be able to have a sunset six-pack after surfing with my girlfriend on Sundays.


~ by doubleb on November 5, 2008.

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