Does BMX have an image problem?

Paddock @ Rome SDS turned me onto this.  It’s pretty amazing street riding and I have to wonder, why aren’t BMX riders as popular as skateboarders, snowboarders, etc.

It’s not for lack of talent, maybe it’s the industry’s fault?  Mat Hoffman was right up there with Tony Hawk and a lot of guys now are doing amazing things, both at global events such as the X-Games or Dew Tour and on the streets like these riders.

I’ve never been to Interbike and have limited knowledge of the cycling industry, but I at a loss as to why the heroes on two wheels, with the exception of Lance, don’t get more non-endemic press.  Maybe the downward spiral started when bikes went from specialty to discount retail, but skateboarding has followed suit and those guys are still out there in the mainstream.  Besides, most kids have bikes before skateboards, shouldn’t the affinity for BMX riders be more natural?

Any thoughts?


~ by doubleb on November 13, 2008.

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