Action Sports vs. Mainstream Sports

I don’t necessarily consider skateboarding or snowboarding a sport, but for lack of a better word, I’ll use the term action sports to refer to activities you’re probably familiar with through the X-Games or on EXPN.

Anyway, Transworld Business (thanks Adam Sullivan!) gave me a little Op-Ed last week to discuss the ridiculous notion that most of San Diego’s public skateparks cost money for residents to use.  One of the big barriers for entry in any activity is the cost.  Pursuing baseball or basketball takes very minial effort.  You can go to a public park and play.  There’s no one making sure you’re wearing proper safety gear, tackling too hard, etc.

While I am a proponent of kids (especially beginners) wearing safety gear, I’m shocked by how many publiuc parks in the San Diego region charge money.  While skateboarding, BMX riding, etc., are alive and well outside of the confines of these parks, skateparks do provide great areas for people to ride.

Is this an issue in action sports?  Should the action sports industry be marketing itself more to local governments to foster growth?  I don’t think skateboarding needs a Little League or Pop Warner footbal sort of organization, but something to help kids get into skateboarding (and educate parents and government officials that it’s not a dirtbag activity) could be beneficial.

Article linked and shown here:



~ by doubleb on November 17, 2008.

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