Is Levi’s setting the standard for BMX and action sports marketing?

Two BMX posts in one month… crazy, I know ;-).

Just caught the end of the Levi’s Team Video (a BMX video) and was shocked by what I heard… Levi’s is offering health insurance to all of their riders… both pro and flow teams (for those not engrained, flow can be anyone from pro’s not getting paid by Levi’s and just getting product to amature riders).  This is a big deal… and I thought Nike was doing a good job of jumping into skateboarding.

At the tail end of the video (posted below), it was a littl too gushy on Levi’s for my taste, but you could tell guys such as Jamie Bestwick were stoked on the support.  For those that don’t know, Jamie is up there in the BMX world, he’s making $$$ and can probably easily afford health insurance on his own.  Many up and coming riders can’t though.

This sort of commitment to BMX by Levi’s is action sports marketing at its best.  I don’t follow BMX all that closely, but I’ve noticed a lot of Levi’s shirts popping up (just like I’ve been noticing a lot of BallPark hot dog shirts at the X-Games), but wrote it off as a little pay to play effort on Levi’s part.  Then, I saw the video on FuelTV, which caused me to google the film and find out via EXPN that it’s FREE for all to download right now and it comes pre-packaged with a major BMX mag.

Other marketers take note, Levi’s his hitting the trifecta:

1. Supporting pro and amature riders

2. Supporting the media that cater to BMX

3. Supporting regular Joe riders by stoking them out on professionally produced content featuring a variety of two-wheeled stunt guys

So, is Levi’s job done?  Hardly, they could blow it?  Heck yes.  How?

By pulling out.

If Levi’s commits to BMX for the long term, they should be in good shape.  More videos, continued suport in other ways, etc., and they’ll be good.  If they pull out… well, it won’t be hard for another denim brand to swoop in and learn from their mistakes.

Ok, enough blabbering from me, here’s the trailer for the Levi’s BMX Team Video.


~ by doubleb on November 20, 2008.

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