Mount Snow – Solid Viral Marketing on the Cheap

I give a lot of credit to Mount Snow for this (note, there’s been some issues with YouTube lately, so the link is here:

Mount Snow probably doesn’t have the budget that Killington, Mammoth or Whistler do for marketing.  But in true East Coast DIY style, they’re making the most of what they have.

Case in point, this video they put on YouTube (and their other “Right Arm” videos as well). They’re fairly funny and can definitely go a long way towards increasing affinity with people who are debating where to spend their hard earned $$$ in a state with an exceptional amount of shred hills.

Viral videos and online marketing aren’t ground breaking in action sports or elsewhere, so why do I think these videos are so great?  Because Mount Snow took a chance on some of their younger employees, relinquished a little control and let them run with it.

From a resource standpoint, I’d bet minimal dollars were spent.  These are well produced, but far from uber-slick, which I’d guess even resonates more with people who ski and snowboard on the east coast… at least it does with me.  And by putting them on YouTube, they’re easy to embed in blogs, on Facebook and pass along to friends.

I have no idea what Mount Snow is doing to promote these, but I’d reccomend maybe a quick mention in one of their email newsletters, if they’re not doing so already.  Kudos to Mount Snow for making this happen, they’re taking chances online that a lot of big brands are afraid to do.

Disclosure:  Before moving to San Diego, I was a long-time, part-time resident of West Dover and frequented Mount Snow more than a few times a season.  I am not a stakeholder, vendor or otherwise affiliated with the mountain. I do look forward to visiting the hill soon after Christmas 2008.


~ by doubleb on November 20, 2008.

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