Social Media Marketing – What if People Are Saying Bad Things?

In the world of online marketing, digital PR, etc., there’s always the chance people will post negative comments (or even diatribes) about your brand/product/widget, etc.  In my experience, this is one of the major reasons brands don’t venture online beyond their corporate web sites.  The rationale seems to be “better to not be online and not be a target than to go online and face the wrath…”  WRONG.

The conversation continues with or without you, but if you’re not online, you just aren’t a participant.  Online marketing, digital PR, whatever you want to call it, is a scary place for sure.  Whereas with traditional media, say a newspaper, letters to the editor were filtered and most go un-published.  The filters of print and broadcast media often aren’t exercised online.

Bulldog Reporter just posted a piece by Jeremy Wright of B5 Media.  Very short, but very appropriate.

What if They Say Bad Things About Me?

Many cities now have a Third Tuesday meet up groups.  The session in Toronto this week was moderated by Jeremy Wright of B5 Media.

Dave Fleet posted about the Q and A session and he offers a perfect answer to the question that was raised:

Q:  What do I do if people say bad things about me?

A:  They already are – you’re just can’t hear them!  If there’s a problem with your brand, people are already saying bad things about you. If you’re not online, they’re just not saying them to you…  because you aren’t listening.

This bring to mind a client I had a few years ago in the music industry.  I thought they’d be a perfect fit for social media as there was a large community online and the conversation was pretty vigorous. But they were so paranoid about ‘bad comments’ and ‘uncontrolled content’ they were not willing to engage online.  So the conversation goes on without them.  They have no voice at all.

Social media is all about conversaiton and percetion being formed as a reuslt of those conversaitons.  You might not be able to control the conversaiton or the message anymore but if you’re not listening and particpating, you have no voice and no chance at all to influence perceptions that come out of these conversations.


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