Jeremy Lusk Dies At X Riders Event In Costa Rica

Any death is sad, but the MX/action sports community lost one of its own recently.  A little more than a year ago, I blogged about if the action sports community was ready for a death at an event.  Much like mixed martial arts (MMA, ultimate fighting, whatever you want to call it), FMX, BMX, skateboarding, etc., is in the public eye now with a whole set of detractors who wish these activities would go away.

Jeremy, the Mulisha crew and the rest of the FMX community ride more for themselves than anything else.  Sponsorship dollars are great, but the majnority of action sports athletes start off for enjoyment, not college scholarships or pro endorsements (that’ll change eventually, but for now, the pool and prize winnings are too small).  While Jeremy’s death is tragic, keep in mind that he did pack a heck of a lot into his short time on this planet.

Here’s the article Sal Ruibal from USA Today emailed me about today:

My heart goes out to the Lusks.


~ by doubleb on February 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Jeremy Lusk Dies At X Riders Event In Costa Rica”

  1. He was one of the Superstars of motoX he was an exceptional rider. Today is a really sad day for motoX. Lusk had awesome abilities and his riding will be greatly missed. RIP Jeremy Lusk.

  2. Definitely.

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