Skateboarding and PR – the pad law

Sometimes, it’s the endemics in action sports that don’t do a good job marketing to the masses.  This campaign by IASC, while well intentioned, probably could have done a better job in their communication on this issue.  I agree that pad laws are mis-guided, but phrases such as “As any skateboarder knows, pads do not prevent serious injury and requiring them actually deters skateboarders from frequenting their local skateparks and in many cases forces them into the most dangerous place to skateboard, city streets,” could use some backup support.

In my opinion, IASC should be drawing a correlation to other athletic, non-board activities to make their points stronger.  Cite the injuries from skateboarding (more ankle and wrist, versus knee and elbow) to further enforce the archaicness of the law.

Regardless, I agree with IASC that these laws are outdated and should be removed.  If you agree, consider participating in the letter writing campaign going on now. has the details.


~ by doubleb on May 19, 2009.

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