Kia has new logos… and we know this because…

We  mentioned ranted of this previously, but I don’t think the folks at Arsonal LA must not have seen the post.

I’m not sure why, but we get a lot of press releases… and we’re not even media.

Now I have nothing against Arsonal LA… I actually don’t know anything about them.  I’m sure they’re nice people who do good work.  But as I mentioned in the last post, blindly blasting out press releases is not PR, not is it even a good way to get the word out.  People (editors, other PR people, etc.) become numb to off target marketing, making it tougher for those with on-target stories to break through.

Regardless…. if you care… Arsonal LA just did some new logos for this year’s Kia sponsorship of the Warped Tour.  Here’s one example:

00_C0029_LOGO_KMS_FI#4661E3As I emailed the nice person at Arsonal LA who sent me this, if KIA needs some help launching PR or social media campaigns targeting the youth/action sports demographic, please feel free to reach out.


~ by doubleb on May 21, 2009.

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