Corporate Blogging – Does your comany need a blog?

The folks @ Ink Foundry made a pretty strong case for companies starting corporate blogs.  We won’t get into the death of blogs here (really, we see blogs as a euphemism for more regularly updated Websites), but we do agree with a lot of what they have to say.

Do we agree that every company needs a blog?  Well, it’s a good idea for most companies, but a lot more goes into it than registering with WordPress or just adding a section to your corporate Website.

When considering launching a corporate blog, think about who is going to run it.  What are they going to blog about?  Will/should they respond to commenters?  Will comments even be allowed?

Those questions are just the tip of the negative/time-suck side of blogging.  Now, some positives:

Blogs let you communicate on a more informal level with… whomever you want to communicate with.  You can make quick updates versus more long winded press releases.  Blogs let you tease info and voice opinions on trends.

There’s a lot more to the decision to blog or not to blog, but for brands who are afraid of negative feedback, we’ll throw this out there:  The conversation is happening, online and off, regardless of if you’re a participant. Some brands we’ve worked with feel that if they don’t participate in conversations, they won’t have negative detractors online.  Online or off, the conversations are taking place… wouldn’t it be better to at least be a part?

Regardless, the folks @ Ink Foundry made some good points.  Check them out here.


~ by doubleb on May 27, 2009.

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