Interviews Rob Campbell from Transworld Business

It’s pretty interesting when a media outlet interviews someone else from another media outlet and then the previous media outlet posts about it.  We usually tell clients that “media doesn’t cover media,” but in those cases we mean that if ABC is sponsoring your local event, don’t expect NBC to show up.

Rob Campbell, publisher of Transworld Business, was recently interviewed by surf reported Jon Coen.  We know Jon pretty well from some project BLUE dealings and know Rob in a round about way through some mutual friends.

Rob and Josh(Senior editor Josh Hunter and the aforementioned Rob Campbell)

We don’t know Rob nearly as well as we know Kailee Bradstreet, TW Business Online Editor, mainly because she lives right by Bill, likes fish tacos from Latitude’s and never fails to post our press releases.  Thanks Kailee!!!  (Note to Rob:  If you want some fish tacos, drive down to South LaJolla and they’re our treat.)

Kailee Bradstreet

Anyway, Rob had made some very good points during the interview, not the least of which being that not everyone who buys a surf t-shirt surfs.  Hence, the Hollister issue we’ll talk about another time.  That’s not a shocking fact for some and with surfing inparticular, it often seems that surfers just don’t want others getting into the water (see “localism” on Wikipedia).

Action sports have had some massive growth explosions within the last 10 years, it’ll be interesting to see if apparel sales move closer to hardgoods as “fans” gravitate towards other activities (MMA, bowling, etc.)

Check out Rob’s interview right here.

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