Fake Marketing Buzzwords – Gnarketing

Sometimes this job is just too funny.  Here’s another fake marketing buzzword we came up with as we bridge the endemic/non-endemic worlds in action sports marketing.

Gnarketing:  The act of aligning a brand with a less than clean-cut teamrider/spokesperson/hanger-on, to promote the perception that the brand is anti-corporate, alternative, rule-breaking or otherwise just plain cool.


Person 1: Did you hear Suds Bodywash is using John Smith in their new commercials?

Person 2:  You mean the baseball player who hit an unpire in the face with his bat after that lousy call last week?

Person 1: Yeah, total gnarketing.  All the angry guys will be backing that brand now.


~ by doubleb on July 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “Fake Marketing Buzzwords – Gnarketing”

  1. So hysterical, i love it. I will be sure to keep the buzz going on gnarketing with my clients – giving kudos to you guys of course…!

  2. Thanks!

    We’re laughing on this end too!

  3. Like it. Seems like a term we’d use in our monthly column Sicktionary @snowboardermag

  4. Totally. Mags like Snowboarder and Wired with their upfront glossary of “terms” are what inspired our fake marketing buzzwords….

    and overpaid consultants who like to talk with their hands at meetings and use words such as “game changing,” “paradigm” and…. you get the idea.

  5. […] riders who travel BMXplorers, except when we’re kidding around.  However, the word “gnarketing” is completely legitimate and should be […]

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