Even the Media Make Mistakes – ESPN The Magazine and the X Games

Just received my new issue of ESPN The Magazine, which, this being July and all, has a solid amount of X Games coverage.

ESPN July X Cover

As The Magazine is the only mainstream sports mag we get in the office, it keeps us up to date on what else is going on besides Transworld’s Cali Rally, which is just frickin’ awesome… and we’re not saying that because we like the guys @ Transworld.

While The Magazine and the X Games are owned by the same company, they are two different entities.  Same with ESPN.com’s action sports site.  All three are run by some pretty great journalists… but even the greats make mistakes.

Check out the X Games Trick Glossary.

X Games Trick GlossaryIt’s two pages and pretty good, especially for the action sports fan vs. the active participant.  We’d have hated to edit this… lots of details.  With details in mind, scan to the part on “Cab” and you can see what we’re talking about. X Games Trick Glossary ZOOM

This is up there with Rossignol’s PR firm issuing a press release saying Steve Caballero was known for being a member of the Dogtown crew (he very well may have skated with them and we aren’t aware, but it’s common skate knowledge that he was a part of the Bones Brigade).

Anyway, we LOVE the X Games.  Before Fuel TV, it was pretty hard to find any skate/snow/bmx coverage on TV before 2 AM when they’d show the same Vision contests from the 80’s over and over.  Just wanted to point this out, more to clients than anyone else, that media can make mistakes too….. so don’t blame us when there’s a typo in your name.  It’s (usually) not our falut!


~ by doubleb on July 16, 2009.

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