Question: What do you want from your marketing spend?

Bill from BBPR here again.  I just got off the phone with a new colleague who is also quickly becoming a new friend.  This friend was lamenting a potential job where the client knew they wanted something… but was hard up for details.  It sounded similar to saying “I want a car…” but no idea what kind of car, or even what they wanted to spend.

Funny enough, over the past weekend I found myself post skate session eating some ribs and sipping on some seasonal Red Hook brew (mental note, we still need to find a new beer client after killing it for the last guys) and was talking with a former colleague, now friend, Greg Smith (follow his Twats @xgineer)/ of XGineer Solutions.  He was having similar issues and launched something that we’re going to be doing soon too.  On the Contact Us section of the XGineer site is a downloadable RFP.


Why is a great idea? I’ll be blunt… this is because so many potential clients don’t have their acts together.

@ BBPR we run into similar situations all the time.  Brands come to us looking for help, but they’re not sure what they need.  They need PR… or marketing… but what is that?  And what can you spend?  For $500 you’ll get one thing, $50,000 you’ll get something totally different… but potentially not what you need.  Dollar spend does not equate to results in media relations… we’ve got case studies to prove it ;-).

Similar to what XGineer is doing, we’re going to be releasing a PR checklist that’ll be released when we re-launch/re-brand with some other San Diego based heavies, but that’s a rant for another time. For us to help you in an efficient manner (and well before the contract gets signed, so realize we’re not getting paid), we need details. We can brainstorm these details with you too, but agencies (not just ours) earn revenue for our ideas, so please don’t expect an executable road map for free.


~ by doubleb on August 7, 2009.

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