Vans’ Marketing Team is Pretty Smart

When we were kids, knock-offs weren’t cool because they meant you couldn’t afford the real deal.  It meant you couldn’t afford the new Nike Agassi kicks or Oakley Blades.  But you still bought the knock-offs anyway, because they were close enough and you didn’t really know better ($5 sunglasses are probably just as good as $150 ones, right?).

We don’t know if this is intentional or not, but action sports mega-brand Vans (we mean that in a very complimentary way – those guys are awesome – special shout out to Chris O for his support) has done a nice job of  calling attention to counterfeit gear in a way that’s relevant and understandable through their blog.

Here are two examples:

First, a post about a Vans knock-off store in Chile…

Vans Chile

This other post is more in line with our experiences @ flea markets in the 1980’s…Vans CounterfeitGreat job by Vans in using real, authentic language in communicating with their audience.  Vans could have had a lawyer guest-blog about intellectual property issues or had Steve Van Doren rant on YouTube about how fakes are hurting the industry, but they didn’t.  Vans chose to under-communicate the bigger issues (for now), but still draw attention to the situation in a low-key way so that consumers realize that supporting the sale of counterfeit merchandise just isn’t all that cool.  Because it’s not… despite our previous penchant for Foakley sunglasses.


~ by doubleb on August 21, 2009.

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