Fake Marketing Buzzwords – Media Regurgitation

This has been bothering us for a long time.  Often, media over-cover stories… same angle, same topic, same photo.  While this is great if it’s for one of our clients who we want to use as a case study to justify the massive BBPR retainer (ahem, we’re kidding about that), often the reader is left not learning anything new.

We refer to this as Media Regurgitation.

One example, which happens in tech a lot, is the covering of a new product… say the iPhone 4G with the retinal calling feature (launch date TBD).  It’s a safe bet that David Pogue @ the NYT, Ed Baig @ USA Today, CNET, Walt Mossberg @ the WSJ, Gizmodo, Engadget, etc., will all cover this as soon as they can.  Throw in some regional guys too, and we pretty much know all we need to know.

Maybe Men’s Journal or Maxim will do a comparison or quick write-up.  Cool.  But when you get down to other outlets… who’ll write five sentences and show the same photo, it becomes something of a waste.  Nothing new, just filling up the page with the same copy as everyone else.

Now we’re not saying smaller and more regional pubs shouldn’t cover this new iPhone (which doesn’t exist, we’re totally joking here), but we’d love to see something different… something that merits us buying your publication or clicking to your site.  How about a service review of mobile providers and handsets in your area?

Just some thoughts.


~ by doubleb on August 26, 2009.

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