Skateboard Marketing – Powell Gets It

There’ve been a lot of features and pieces in Transworld Business on skate hardgoods (decks, trucks and wheels, for our non-endemic friends reading the BBPR blog).  Some say it doesn’t matter, some say tech should help sell decks, increase margins and performance (well, not our performance, but we imagine other skaters collective performances).

While big brands such as Foundation, element, Almost and Powell continue to push out innovation, it never really catches on.  Why is that?

Well, could one reason be metrics?  Bill went to the skateshop today and bought some Bones Skatepark Formula Wheels in an effort to boost his training for the upcoming Office Boyz event at ASR that Malakye is putting on.

(Kidding, Bill is not entering this.  But he did buy new wheels today.)

We’ve seen a lot of brands do specific park or street wheels lately, which may or may not help.  What we’re digging though, is a piece of marketing inserted into the pack.

Bones Skateboard MarketingAccording to this, Bill’s new SPF formula wheels are built to last.  Or, last slightly longer than some other brands.  Awesome!  We like faster, lighter, stronger, etc.

More brands in skate hardgoods should take a lesson from Powell with their Bones Wheels, or even guys like Sole Tech with how they market 32 and their skate shoes, and make some tangible claims that the kids kids (or 30 something kids) can latch onto.


~ by doubleb on August 31, 2009.

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