NY Times on Twitter Marketing

Interesting piece by the NY Times on Twitter.  Turns out that teens are not driving adoption of the service… duh.

Do Teens Twitter?

Too often we confuse teens with young adults.  Are there teens on Twitter?  Sure!  But probably not as many as 20 somethings.  Who drove early adoption of Facebook?  College kids… it’s people in college who were the only ones allowed to join the network for many, many years.

We have a client that likes to reference psycho-graphic information versus demographic information… and he’s pretty darn smart about it.  People on Twitter are sharing more than they do on Facebook… it’s easily searchable and fairly public.  A lot of teens just don’t want to share that much with the outside world.

And those that do Tweet?  Well, they’re probably pretty forward in their thinking or dare we say… influencers.  At least two of our action sports clients engage customers on Twitter for things such as interviews and live-from-the-road updates.  Do they reach as many people as they do through an ad?  Maybe not, but the people they’re reaching are taking an active role in the brand experience… something an ad may not be able to pull off.

As marketers we need to realize the importance of psycho-graphic information.  Targeting baseball fans is different than targeting Yankees fans.  Likewise, saying you want to target extreme athletes in your marketing program is going to leave you EXTREMELY disappointed by the results (pun totally intended).


~ by doubleb on September 1, 2009.

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