CamelBak vs. Sigg – Great Tactical PR Move

We actually had this idea for another client when one of their competitors products failed on national television, but for various reasons the decision was made not to execute.  That being said, we’d like to congratulate CamelBak for going out there with what could be a risky (and rewarding), mini-campaign.

If you follow the aluminum water bottle scene, Sigg is one of, if not the leaders in the category.  They have their own products, as well as co-branded gear with the likes of Burton Snowboards.  Recently though, it was determined that Sigg has been manufacturing aluminum water bottles with trace amounts of BPA, a product that is widely regarded as to be less than healthy.  See Triple Pundit for the full story.

Earlier today, CamelBak, well known in the portable hydration sector, but maybe not as well known in the reusable metal water bottle sector, sent out this press release:

Market Watch release

Unlike Sigg requesting that you mail them back your bottle, quick acting Sigg owners can just email a photo to CamelBak and receive one for free (open to the first 500 customers).

We’re in awe that CamelBak went this aggressive and think it’s a brilliant idea.  With minimal investment, they’re taking a jab at a major competitor and at the same time, promoting their alternative construction (stainless steel vs. aluminum) to the masses.  Have doubts?  Just cruise the blogs and Twitter.

Great job CamelBak!


~ by doubleb on September 3, 2009.

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