Is Marketinbg Undergoing a Crapification? Is “Good Enough” PR Good Enough? just did a piece on the crapification of technology (their term), also referred to as “good enough” technology.  A big part of the article was on the rise of the Flip digital video camera, which is a pretty great product for what you pay for.  You should really check out the story, it’s linked here.  It’s ok, we’ll wait.The Good Enough Revolution- When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine (20090831)Did you read it?  Great piece, right?

Ok, let’s move on.

At BBPR, to paraphrase our friends @ ADD Marketing, we’re cheap, but our rates aren’t.

Very often some brands seem to be considerably flustered when we start getting into the financials of doing business.  This seems to come up a lot.  More than we’d like, actually.

What a year long PR or social media campaign may cost in terms of agency fee could very well be an entry level person’s salary (and it very well may not).  We’re up front with how we bill and what services we provide.  However, what we here time and time again, from brands both in and out of action sports,  is something along the lines of “well, for that cost, I could hire a kid.”  Think about that statement.

Yes, you could hire a kid with the title “marketing assistant” to handle all of your PR.  Then subscribe to a database program and blast out press releases to media.  And you’ll probably get some results too.  Maybe hiring that kid wasn’t such a bad idea?

Any good PR firm, not just BBPR (blatant plug for us… no shocker, since this is our blog), does more than just draft up releases and blast out jpg images of your skateboard, sneaker or light bulb.  There’s a strategy and design behind PR (not just our methods, but the methods of many), that goes much deeper than what t-shirt you’re putting out for Spring 2010.

One great example of a brand that usually does a pretty competent job in the world of PR is Quiksilver (disclosure, we’ve worked with Quik multiple times, but not in the last two years).  Want one example?  Look at what they’ve done with Clay Marzo, both online and in the new issue of ESPN The Magazine (btw – very interesting that the narrative and details in the online video piece are different than the print one), as well as Outside Magazine.

ESPN Online Clay Marzo

Nice job Quik.  We don’t know if they used an agency to make this happen, but we do know that non-endemic PR has been and continues to be a priority for them.  Quik goes beyond the simple “here’s a product” pitch and with that devotion of resources, gets the big story.

Wondering what stories your brand may have?  Give us a shout.


~ by doubleb on September 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Is Marketinbg Undergoing a Crapification? Is “Good Enough” PR Good Enough?”

  1. Well stated. Seth agrees. Check out one of his recent comments on paying for stuff.

  2. […] of Action Sports – Quiksilver Leverages Clay Marzo & Asperger’s Syndrome We touched on this a little bit already, but it’s worth bringing up […]

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