Twitter & Marketing – Don’t Fool Yourself

If you haven’t been following the news, you’re probably unaware that Twitter is the greatest thing for marketers since SPAM.  Good.

Twitter is an incredibly useful tool to connect with an audience of (typically) passionate followers, make friends, solicit advice and in the spirit of one of the current buzzwords of the moment, engage.

There has been more than one “how to” article on using Twitter (here’s a good one), but this Tweet to pro skater Rob Dyrdek really got us thinking:

Tweet Rob DyrdekDon’t expect everyone on Twitter, especially celebrities, to get back to you.  As Twitter grows, much like MySpace, Facebook and offline fan clubs before them, one-on-one interaction is going to decrease.  The bandwidth required to respond to each person who Tweets @ a celebrity will be immense and it’s unlikely that they’ll keep up without hiring outside support, which will take away from that personal interaction people love on Twitter.


~ by doubleb on September 23, 2009.

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