Differentiation – What Wend Magazine Could Show Other Brands

Sometimes simple is best in marketing.  While flipping through the latest issue of Wend, we came across this ad by Wend, for Wend.

Wend Claims

Wend is an outdoor lifestyle focused magazine with a decidedly eco-slant.  Mountain biking, camping, kayaking, skateboarding, snow-shredding.  It’s in there.  While this ad doesn’t say what Wend covers, it does tell you what Wend isn’t… or what it feels other magazines are.

Why do we think this is cool?  Well, so many brands seem to have a difficult time, or simply don’t, tell the story of how they differ from their competitors.  This ad is simple and gives you a little food for thought when flipping through other mags on your coffee table or the doctor’s office.

Full disclosure:  We’re pretty friendly with the people @ Wend.  They don’t always run our clients, but more often than not, they at least return our emails.  While we’re at it, we’ll also disclose that we follow Wend on Twitter.  If you’re into Tweets, check out Wend’s feed @WendMagazine


~ by doubleb on October 12, 2009.

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