How To Monetize Twitter

As much as I joke about Twitter with certain colleagues, Twitter can be extremely useful.  At BBPR (blatant plug!) we regularly Tweet on behalf of certain clients in the eco, surf and NASCAR worlds.  Call it ghost tweeting, Twosting, whatever… just don’t call us social media experts, because their are enough of those on LinkedIn at the moment.

Anyway, as a marketer, I do find Twitter quite useful.  It helps me stay on top of trends and forge new relationships with journalists and passionate consumers.  While I can’t say that it’s brought BBPR any direct revenue (must… not… debate… ROI…. yet…) it’s definitely helped us help clients, some of which have asked us for proposals and strategies to better use this massive time suck online platform for peer-to-crowd engagement.

Is there a way Twitter can be monetized?  Sure there is, multiple ones.  But the best one I’ve seen so far was at CostCo today.

For a mere $19.99, you can have a directory listing the @ handles for all of your… ugh, you get the idea.

Congrats Mr. Celebrity Twitter Directory Publisher.  While the owners of Twitter are searching for ways to make it profitable, you’ve beaten them to the punch in the offline world.

Who said print was dead?


~ by doubleb on December 1, 2009.

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