Olympic Snowboarding And the New York Times

The Winter Olympics is around the corner and with it, the most important event in the history of Extreme Sports.  Ever.

Ok, we kid, but snowboarding and the Olympics are a big deal.  It may not be “core” or embraced by many of the influencers in the world of action sports, but it does put snowboarding in front of a lot of eyeballs, which can be leveraged by the endemic brands for a variety of things.

Sometime BBPR collaborator and founder of group Y, Liz Randall, sent us this link about a social media campaign the New York Times has going on regarding snowboarding and the Olympics.  Here’s a quick snippet:

What we found really interesting was this call to action:

This is a pretty interesting way for the NYT to try to capture a younger audience.  The paper is no stranger to running stories about the action sports set, but this effort may bring an interesting mix of user generated content into the mix and possibly a new audience for the New York Times.

From our own experiences on this end, sourcing quality videos for a user generated video campaign is less than easy, so we’ll be interested to see how many videos are uploaded/entered into this.  The reach of the times is massive, so anything (or nothing) is possible.


~ by doubleb on February 10, 2010.

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