Marketing Beer – What’s the ROI on a Coaster?

Saw this at the Tap Room on Friday and thought it was pretty cool.  And it made us think about brands diversifying their marketing to stay in front of consumers.

On one side, it’s a coaster, advertising a light beer by one of our favorite California breweries.

On the other side, it’s a postcard!

Our experience in beer goes back to the 90’s when Bill worked on the Guinness account at Cohn & Wolfe and later some work helping another brand break into the California-based surf industry.  (you may have read about them on Rad Collector or in Playboy).  While we’ve never seen this… and it may not even be a unique idea (it could very well have been done before), we thought it was pretty cool.

How cool?  Well, we took the coaster back.  Probably won’t mail it, but who knows.  So now this piece of marketing is in our office.  Today, it was scanned in and posted it to the World Wide Web, where other people interested in beer marketing, action sports PR and a host of other things will see it.  And maybe… just maybe one of us will mail it to someone else who will be encouraged to have a pint of Karl Strauss in the near future.  If we can find a stamp.

Ground breaking?  Probably not.  Innovative?  Ehhhh, not sure.  Will it make me buy their Endless Summer Light?  Well, we’ve bought it before, but the crew here enjoys IPA’s and Pale Ales more.  Maybe though, it’ll remind me to buy their Pintail Pale Ale again next time we’re out. Whoa, we’ve mentioned Karl Strauss a bunch in this post.  All because of a coaster.  The ROI on this coaster is huge!!!

Is it?  We’re not sure.  Calculating a hard ROI that you can compare to other things is sort of a Fringe Science.   But we’ve mentioned Karl Strauss way too many times for a PR agency blog that doesn’t have them in the client roster.   And now you’ve seen this post and possibly checked out the link to their Pintail Pale Ale.  Who knows how many coasters have had similar reactions, but this one did and it was a job well done.

In marketing, regardless of if it’s for a beer, snowboard or hacky-sack, repetition of message and brand is important.  You shouldn’t rely on a few PR hits or scattershot ad buy to keep awareness up.  To stay current, diversify and hit consumers at various times.  A lot of brands in and out action sports are doing this now…. PR, stickers on the topsheets of snowboarders, events, ads, logo on a race car, shop windows, in-store displays, Web presences, etc.  Keep doing this.  And do more.  Be out there.  And be relevant.

It’s a little before 11 AM and we’re not really in the mood for a beer.  But, that doesn’t make this coaster less effective.  Next time we’re at the store, we could be a little more likely to grab that sixer of the KS instead of something else.

You may not see a return at the register right away when you launch a marketing campaign, but if you’re not out there, it’s less likely you’re even on a consumer’s mind when the time is right for them to make a purchase.


~ by doubleb on April 19, 2010.

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