Productivity Tip: Put Away The Cell Phone

It’s almost the end of 2010 and with all of the great portable devices out there, this is one that’s a must-have for our collective team.

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Most of us @ BBPR started our careers when cellphones (forget about BlackBerrys) were a novelty, even for PR people.  We used to fax press releases to journalists and Fed-Ex slides of products to be run in magazines.  Email?  Who thought that would ever take off 😉  So like many of you who’ve been in the work force more than 10 years, you remember a time before cell phones ruled our lives.

We love the freedom and conveniences that come with mobile devices.  We’ve can put out fires from the lifts at Mammoth and had them act as back-up modems for laptops when a hotel’s WiFi goes down.  Cell phones are great.  But realize that just because you can use it in certain situations, doesn’t mean you should.

Like in the car.  Not that we don’t make calls from my car… we do… all the time.  But we try not to make work-related calls of an important nature and when we do, we make sure someone on the other side can take notes and recap them.  Why?  For the same reason we bring this sort of notebook to trade shows in my our pockets (well, the guys do, this is one instance where ladies have it easy with their purses!) and we put the cell away during meetings.  Details are in the notes and if you don’t jot them down, things may get forgotten.

Too often we’re finding we as a collective are meeting with clients or partners, but many in the room are not giving things the full attention they deserve.  Ideas get lost, details get missed and things simply don’t get followed up on.  We’re to blame as much as our friends and colleagues.

Here’s an idea.  With the holidays coming, think about adding this to the list of inexpensive things you may want thrown into your stocking (or whatever you have gifts thrown into for the holidays).  If the Mead version isn’t cool enough, have them step it up with Field Notes, those guys have great designs.


~ by doubleb on November 26, 2010.

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