About BBPR

Welcome to the blog presence of BBPR, a boutique PR (what we like to call media relations) firm specializing in action sports marketing, consumer tech, eco-friendly (that’s right… GREEN!) and lifestyle focused public relations and marketing activities.  We’re based in San Diego, but most of our clients look to us for national media relations and social media execution.  Of course, we’re friendly with the San Diego media community too.

Founded under the premise of Targeted Lifestyle Communications, we believe that you don’t need to be every place to succeed, you just need to be in the right places. Maybe that’s CNN or Oprah. Maybe it’s an up and coming sneaker culture online site that didn’t exist two months ago. Each client’s needs are different, but in the end, they all come to us because of our track record for results

The team here has extensive experience working with action sports, adult beverages, automotive brands, consumer electronics, home decor, men’s grooming, personal care, B2B and entertainment.

You can find more about us here.

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