What We Do – Action Sports PR

A big (but not the only) part of what BBPR handles is action sports PR (really, action sports marketing and media relations, but we were a tad shortsighted with our name… watch for BBPR 2.0 soon!). Sounds easy enough, but we still get questions.

Here’s a little info:

Endemic action sports media (Thrasher, Transworld Snowboarding, etc.) rarely, if ever, do product reviews for brands outside of snow/skate/surf/etc. If you see a shoe or can of soda on a page, it’s either because of an ad or the person featured is sponsored by that brand.

What BBPR is great at is securing non-endemic coverage for action sports brands and helping brands that want to build a reputation within the action sports community do it authentically. This could be through PR, marketing, etc.

Two examples:

1) Your company makes snowboards and you’re entrenched with the riders who live and die snowboarding, rip terrain parks and urban handrails. You want to expand your presence, but also do so without selling out your core/first audience. We can (and have) put together slow-growth media relations plans that put brands in front of the right people, not necessarily the most people, and then build from there. Men’s Journal, AP, SlamxHype? Check.

2) Your brand does not make anything used to skateboard, hacky-sack, juggle, etc., but you want to align yourself with those influencers.  We can help by developing a comprehensive progam that aligns your company with the right riders and brands to make authentic connection with the rest of the action sports community.  Realize this is not a quick process though, so be ready for the long haul

For more info on what we do, in and out of action sports PR, check out our site: http://www.bbpublicrelations.com/services.html


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