What We Do – Traditional PR

Sometimes (ok, often) we get the question:  How much for a press release?  While we could answer that question here (we could, but we won’t), that’s not really what we do at BBPR.

Yes, traditional PR / media relations, regardless of if it’s action sports PR, green PR, traditional media or otherwise, does require a strong set of documents (press release, backgrounder, etc.) to be done correctly.  But those documents are just tools.  Purchasing them on their own is like buying a hammer and expecting a house to appear.

Where our team excels is coming up with strategic ideas for targeted communications.  Yes, we can draft up a press kit for you and provide a list of 400 journalists to email it to.  Will that result in great coverage?  Probably not.  What it may actually do is alienate journalists.  Trust us on that one.

Not every brand has an Apple iPod in their product line.  Not every brand screams “write a story about me” naturally.  The value BBPR brings to the table is helping that number two brand… or number 20… garner coverage through strategic thinking focused on media relations.


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